Focusing on the Systems Integrator / ISP Relationship

Why Industry Managers Choose ILAP

Client Revenue: Whenever Systems Integrator services are the topic, we start a conversation between you and our mutual Client. The outcome often results in increased revenues for you. We believe that a close relationship with you, results in greater Client satisfaction and retention.

ISP Revenue: We believe in sharing. Because you contribute to our success on a monthly basis we pay a percentage of gross sales to you throughout the life of the ILAP service.

Why Sales Professionals Choose ILAP

Sales Suport: We help select Internet access services that match your Client's location and budgetary requirements. We have solutions for even the most demanding Client. We can deliver a flawless network experience with our Flawless NetworkTM service. We can find the best Internet access service in the most challenging locations in Canada, using ILAP's Facility MarketTM, our telecommunications facilities database.

Relationship Support: We place you front and center whenever the Systems Integrator service is the focus. We include you in the conversation when there are systems integrator opportunities and problems. We do not ignore you.

Why Technical People Choose ILAP

Service Transperency: You have access to our mutual Client's configurations and service diagnostics when you need it.

ILAP Knows You: You are easily authenticated. We take your questions. We act on your requests. We let you know about important Client events.

ILAP Knows Its Carrier Partners: We work formal and informal carrier channels to minimize Internet access service install times and failures.


Strong, supported Partners are essential to great Client outcomes. After all, most sytems and applications, many mission critical, traverse the Internet.

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ILAP offers the best fiber, cable, copper, dsl, and wireless telecommunications options, based on your capacity, reliability, budgetary, and geographic requirements, throughout Canada.

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