Place your critical Internet applications in ILAP's colocation facilities and connect via multi-tiered connections to the Internet while retaining control over the administration and maintenance of your equipment.

Co-location eliminates Client-hosted server risks and maintains Client administrative flexibility. While we provide you with superior and persistent global connectivity and secure facilities, your business can focus on its digital strategy.


Low latency access to throughout North America

100% uptime configuration options

Full rack, half rack, quarter rack, and single server options

Symmetric Bandwidth

95th Percentile Based Bandwidth Pricing

IP Network Allocation Transferable Between ILAP Services

Upgradable To Higher Bandwidth Services


Strong, supported Partners are essential to great Client outcomes. After all, most sytems and applications, many mission critical, traverse the Internet.

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ILAP offers the best fiber, cable, copper, dsl, and wireless telecommunications options, based on your capacity, reliability, budgetary, and geographic requirements, throughout Canada.

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