Internet Access On Your Move Checklist?

Because Internet access is an essential service, it's important to have Internet access on your Move Checklist.

Some common problems at new locations are:

The service is either slow or unstable.

The location is not served by fiber.

The location is not served by redundant Service Providers.

The location is outside your Service Provider's territory.

Call us before you commit

Call us before you commit to a new location. We use ILAP's Facility Market to help identify the Internet access options that match your technical and budgetary requirements.

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Strong, supported Partners are essential to great Client outcomes. After all, most sytems and applications, many mission critical, traverse the Internet.

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ILAP offers the best fiber, cable, copper, dsl, and wireless telecommunications options, based on your capacity, reliability, budgetary, and geographic requirements, throughout Canada.

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